Vertex Meadow Exporter

How to use it

This tool allows you to export a standalone version of your Vertex Meadow level that can be uploaded to your own web server or hosted on somewhere like gamejolt or

To use this tool you first need to click the share button in the editor. Then copy the ID of your share (the numbers and letters at the end of the share URL after the "?l=" bit) and paste it into the box below. For example if your URL is then you'd paste ca1ff7d54db0480c7818 into the box below.

Then click the Export button and a zip of your level will be generated and downloaded (this may take a little while depending on your internet connection speed).

Export form:

More info

The zip contains an index.html page and some other files. The data.pak file is also a zip archive and it contains the exported pngs of your level. It also contains some lua files which you might want to play with if you're feeling adventurous. Note that the height map is stored in the alpha channel of the pngs, so the images might look a bit faded, or even completely transparent, if you open them in an image program. Note also that this export method requires the files be accessed from a web server. They won't work if you just open index.html from your local file system.

To generate native builds, first download the latest release of amulet for your OS. Once you've installed amulet, rename the data.pak file to and unzip it. You should end up with some .lua and .png files. Open a terminal (command prompt in Windows) and change to the directory containing those files (e.g. on Windows type something like "cd C:\Users\Ian\VertexMeadowData"). Then type "amulet export". This will generate native builds for all supported platforms as distributable zip files. Before doing this, you may want to change the project name and author information located in conf.lua. More information can be found in the amulet documentation.

Feel free to do whatever you like with your creation, including selling it.