Vertex Meadow

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Vertex Meadow is a tool that renders 2D images as explorable 3D terrain. With it you can create detailed and unusual 3D environments to explore using a 2D paint-program-like interface and your webcam.

The tool runs in a browser using webgl and you can export your creations and upload them to third party hosting services such as or gamejolt.

You can also chain together multiple levels by creating triggers in your level that cause the player's browser to jump to a URL of your choice.

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Mildly Coloured Polka Zone by BlueBerrySoft
Castles by Ian MacLarty
Deck 9 by Ian MacLarty
war remains by nuuup
City of Gold by Ian MacLarty
Iceberg by Ian MacLarty
Crystal Caves by Ian MacLarty
Death Grips presents Smirnoff the Licensed Cave Game Russian Vodka Prank GONE WRONG Pranks gone wild 2016 OFFICIAL PrankstersXDTV Game by nuuup
Valley of Desolation by Sally MacLarty
Forest by Hisashimaru
Tripod by Ben Porter
On Getting Lost by nuuup
spectrum by @mchaza
Tundra by @Fengxii
purple maze by Sally MacLarty
beneath a stained sky by @foodshipnine
Home Improvement Megastore by Ian MacLarty
Fruit Flavoured Happy Place by Ian MacLarty
hell cavern by vivaizix
crevices by vivaizix
Eyes by Ian



Toggle edit mode (E) and then click EXPORT. After a short wait a zip file should download. You can then upload this zip to a hosting site such as or your own webserver. Note that the export needs to be accessed from a webserver to work. Opening the index.html file locally will not work in all browsers due to security restrictions.

Source code

The source code is available here

If you have feedback, find a bug or make something nice, please let me know by email: ian -at- or via twitter: @ianmaclarty.

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